Meet Jesse Behsman

Jesse Behsman

Jesse is the youngest member of our team here at TV Financial Services, and is involved with administration support, document control, filing and greeting of clients. Jesse is with us one day a week as he continues his studies at school.

He may be only 17-years-old but even at this young age he is recognising the importance of being financially astute as he holds down several jobs which fit around his studies. “I work one day a week for TV Financial Services, I also work catering at the local yacht club and on weekends I’m the sole operator of the mini golf facility. It sounds busy but I like it that way and I enjoy being financially independent at this age.”

Jesse aspires to become a financial planner and has already learnt how financial decisions can impact your future life. “My family has a portfolio of investment properties and I have seen first-hand how beneficial it’s been for them and understand what a sound financial move it was to plough money into property.”

Jesse believes more youngsters should be financially astute. “Not everyone learns economics, but it’s really important that students understand the meaning of money. I’d really encourage my classmates to look ahead to the future with investments and superannuation. There can be huge consequences if they don’t plan ahead as there won’t be much left in the state pension pot.”

Currently working towards a Certificate 2 and 3 in Business, later this year Jesse wants to study a Certificate 4 in Financial Planning. Not one to hold back on opportunities which come his way, Jesse recently took part in a training initiative called ‘Follow the Dream’ which was available to indigenous students. “This scheme really empowered me and made me realise I could do so much with my life. I was sent on team building exercises and learnt about the world of work and have been encouraged to do well academically at school.” 

For the time being Jesse has found his passion and hopes his work at TV Financial Services will be a stepping stone to a future career in this field.