A house AND a pool at 22

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Owning your own home at 22 is pretty impressive. Buying one with a pool and sited on a 450-metre block makes people green with envy. Talor still has to pinch herself that she owns a house, only made possible through the commitment and determination from mortgage broker Tamara Virgo and her team at TV Financial.

“Everything just slotted in together, it was a fairly painful process, all the advice and paperwork, but it was very easy to get the home loan.”

Applying for her mortgage

Talor is a surgical nurse and although she was born in Esperance and spent her childhood there, she undertook her nursing degree in Perth. When she graduated, she was offered a job at the St John of God Hospital in Midland. With a secure position, she knew that obtaining a mortgage would be relatively easy.

“I am in a staff role, but Tamara went that extra mile to ensure I got the right mortgage – a mortgage that took into account my circumstances and total salary package. When calculating my borrowing potential, she included my increased payments when I worked anti-social hours. My parents use TV Financial and instilled in me the importance of saving, so it felt natural to buy a house in my early twenties. TV Financial have a secure, online system to sign and complete any paperwork so it really is hassle free. I was renting in Perth before I bought my first home but being a distance from the TV Financial Services office in Esperance wasn’t an issue.”

Choosing a house

Talor knew that she wanted to buy a house close to Perth city. She soon established a neighbourhood which she preferred and concentrated her search around St James. Fate played a part in the selection process.

“I’d seen a house I liked that was out of my budget, but... it stayed on the market. Eventually the price dropped and I knew it was the one for me.”

What’s more, when she viewed it for a final time, Tamara Virgo was in Perth and offered to look around it as well.

“That was so good of Tam, doing a walk-through of the house. She could see that the neighbourhood was great and the house, a 1980’s 3 X 1 was solidly constructed.” 

Settling into her home

Many of her friends are surprised she is on the property ladder so young.

“I’ve always been very independent, I went to boarding school at eight. I would tell everyone to use TV Financial Services as Tamara and her team are so knowledgeable and can guide you through rates, the types of mortgages and answer any questions.”

And as for the future? Well Talor has the perfect housemate, her younger sister who’s studying in Perth.

“I can see myself living here for the next five years or so. I have no hesitation in recommending TV Financial Services, they are an exceptional team and are always available when you need them for any queries. They’ve been good to my parents and myself, so I know that they’ll do the same for my sister when she needs a mortgage too.”