How to stick to your NEW goals

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If you asked someone what they want in their life, the most popular response would probably be happiness. Many people think they can become happy if they buy a new car, house or swimming pool.  I often meet clients who think that they can change their situation, if only they had something bigger or better, but that’s not always the answer.

As we look ahead to 2019, it’s a great way to think about change and how to achieve those things you truly aspire for yourself. It’s a good time to put into place goals to ensure a more comfortable, enjoyable life.

How to achieve the change you desire has a lot to do with your mindset. We all know about new year’s resolutions, look at how easy they are to break? While financial decisions are one element to a happier life, achieving balance in all that you do is also important.

Here are my top tips to help you if you’re considering some new goals and aspirations:

  • You can follow new directions at any stage of your life. Remember it’s never too late to make change happen.  It doesn’t matter how old you are. Yes, a new career is possible even if you are over 50. Don’t put barriers in your way and prevent yourself from making change happen.

  • Make your thoughts visual as this makes them ‘real.’  Why not stick images or words on your fridge door or by your bed of your goals and aspirations? By making a note of them, they are a constant reminder and you can tick them off when you achieve each one.

  • Ensure they are realistic. The main reason that people are unable to achieve their goals are because they’re unrealistic to achieve. If you want to achieve something large, like cutting down on alcohol, do it gradually.  Breaking up the longer-term goal into smaller chunks, can make your goal easier, and more rewarding. People can feel overwhelmed by huge change.

  • Get your friends to help.  Let your friends know what you are hoping to achieve. They can support you with your goals and can share this journey with you. They can also prevent temptation coming in your way.

  • Put in place a timeframe or timeline. Things rarely happen overnight, so make sure what you want to achieve happens one step at a time. Set yourself a realistic target with dates and work within this timeframe.

  • Take steps to achieve them. If you want to learn yoga, then you’ll probably read some books on the subject and join a few classes.  If you want to make some good financial decisions to so free up your monthly budget, then seek expert advice.

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