An unlikely garage sale bargain


How did you find the house you’re living in? We recently met a couple who found their new family home after visiting a garage sale and learning that the property was going on the market.

Shannon and Craig had moved around a lot but had strong roots in Esperance. It turns out the house which they liked, used to be owned by the principal of their high school.

Securing a mortgage

They’d already contacted James Durrant, Mortgage Advisor at TV Financial Services, to discuss a home loan when they discovered their dream property.

“We have two children now but since we met each other, we’ve been a bit nomadic moving around the south-west, living not only in Esperance but Perth and Albany,” explains Shannon.

“We knew we wanted to settle where we were both born, in Esperance. It’s a million miles from anywhere but that’s its appeal. We have two young children and want them to experience the lifestyle we had when we were growing up, with the beautiful, deserted beaches and the small schools.”

While James was investigating home loan options, they found their perfect house - where the garage sale was being held. They got talking and discovered that the owner, their former principal had died, and his estate was being sold.

Home full of character

“It’s in the Warren Heights area of the town and was built in the 1960s. It has real charm and we feel as though we have a real connection to it. The principal lived here for years and years and he was greatly admired by the community and pupils and knew my great-uncle very well.”

James told them about the various home loans on the market including Keystart, but they eventually decided to go with a mortgage with one of the bigger home lenders.

Shannon works in the not-for-profit sector and Craig is currently a stay-at-home dad. The application was simple enough and completed online.

“We are time poor, so I just had to lodge details of my earnings etc, the process was swift and painless,” outlines Shannon.

Long-term home for the family

Both Shannon and Craig like projects and now the sale has gone through, they’re busy with DIY. The couple are both former house painters and Craig is a brick paver, and the two of them enjoy a renovation challenge.

“There are some character, old-fashioned bathroom and kitchen tiles which we’d like to keep, as well as some retro wallpaper, but the kitchen carpet is going. It’s a real solid house, it was only on the market a short while, we knew its potential so snapped it up.”

Their new neighbours have already dropped by with a chocolate cake and the children love the freedom of having a large backyard.

“This is our forever home, we have big plans for this place. I think we’ll be looking at refinancing in a year or so, that way we can start further refurbishments and make our long-term vision for this place a reality.”

“We will be sure to go back to TV Financial Services when we do this, the service James provided was second to none.”