Sean finds his 'forever' home in Myrup


Electrician Sean Brennan always dreamed of buying a property on large acreage which had the potential for cattle and sheep.

With the help of TV Financial Services, the 30-year-old secured the house and land he’d always envisaged in his mind. Sean came across a property with just over 100 acres in Myrup, north-east of Esperance. It was being sold at a knock-down price and was too good an opportunity to miss. 

Moving to Myrup

The 3 X 1 had been on the market for seven years. As the economy had slowed, the price had come down to make it more affordable.

“I was buying a place with my partner Toni and we knew the market was in our favour. The Myrup property had been hanging around for a long time and we were renting, so we could move fast.”

Sean and Toni had no hesitation in turning to TV Financial Services for their home loan.

“Esperance is a small place and people know about Tam and her team at TV Financial Services. She’s got a good reputation. Tam helped me to secure finance on my trade van a few years ago, so I was more than happy to go to her again.”

Like many people who have their own small business, Sean was apprehensive that he might not be able to secure the amount of mortgage that he needed, because he was a sole trader.

“Yes, initially I was concerned, but Toni has a steady job, she’s a teacher and employed within education, so I hoped that would work in our favour,” he explains.

No drama over water windmill 

The mortgage adviser at TV Financial Services, James Durrant, told the couple that the amount of loan they wanted wouldn’t be an issue.  However, he explained that some lenders were reluctant to loan to properties which weren’t on mains water. 

The house they’d set their heart on was self-sufficient and only had access to bore water. A windmill on the land pumps the water from below. 

 “James knows everything about mortgages. He lives and breathes mortgages, and reassured me that he would find us a lender in spite of the water issue.”

True to his word, James did find a lender and a mortgage was secured with the Commonwealth Bank. The house sale took four months to settle, but the finance took just ten days to get approved.

Personalised service

Sean and Toni were highly impressed with the level of service offered by TV Financial Services. James regularly checked in with them to see how the sale was progressing. 

 “What we found encouraging was that everyone at TV Financial Services knew who we were, and the place we were buying. The receptionist Jesse, the administrator Brooke and Tamara who owns the business, it’s good to be on familiar terms and I felt like a valued client.”

“I know everyone says this but it really is my forever home. It needs some tender loving care, but it’s in an idyllic spot. There’s sheds out the back and my partners’ horses are in the garden, there’s a running creek and it’s well fenced.”

“I think everyone has an image of the house they’ll end up in – and I would say mine’s pretty spot on to what I’ve always wanted.”