The journey to owning our first home in Australia


Did you know that nearly a third of Australia’s resident population are born overseas? Hanneke Coetzee and her husband Riaan are from South Africa and moved to Esperance six years ago.

They were looking to buy their first house in Australia and needed financial advice and reassurance they were doing everything right, in a country which was unfamiliar to them. 

“A house is one of the biggest purchases we’ll ever make. We decided to go to TV Financial as we didn’t want to muck it up and leave things to chance. They sure did help us – three times in fact.”

“We knew the market was in our favour to buy, so we started house hunting last July and spoke to Tam and James at TV Financial Services.” 

Third time lucky 

The journey to buy a house wasn’t straightforward for Hanneke and her family. She lodged two mortgage applications, before the third came to fruition. 

“We started the paperwork on two other homes with James Durrant, the mortgage adviser. Neither progressed, one was down to survey issues, the other a low valuation. During this time James was so patient and a pleasure to deal with.”

Hanneke explained that after six months, house-hunting had started to lose its appeal for the couple, who have two teenage sons. 

“My husband, a farm manager, kept the momentum going and did keep the hunt for a house on track. We felt there was something out there which was meant for us and that we’d eventually find it.”

They finally struck lucky with their third house, a three-bedroom property with an office and open-plan living area. 

Hopeful in Hopetoun

The family had been looking around Ravensthorpe, but their third property was in Hopetoun, and it ticked all the boxes. “We were drawn to it because it was a sturdy, a double brick house. It was offered at a good price and was within walking distance from the beach and town centre.”

Once the couple had agreed to buy, it was a quick process. “We’d been looking for so long, we knew the best loan for us. James suggested a package home loan with a variable rate which was ideal. We both have steady jobs and a regular income,” says Hanneke.

On the same day they signed the contract for the house, Hanneke submitted the necessary documentation. “I am methodical, so that evening I just went through everything and sent it over to James by email.” The application for the mortgage was lodged on the 30th May 2019 and on the 28th June 2019, settlement happened.

The big move 

It was all hands-on deck when the family came to move in. The house requires minor decorative work, as currently all the bedrooms are painted either pink or blue. Their two boys aged fourteen and eighteen, have been roped in to help.


“While we were waiting for the keys to be handed over for our new home, we decided to get started on some cleaning, so we started washing the windows. Then once we had the keys, two of us started prepping the rooms for painting and the other two did the unpacking,” explains Hanneke.

“If you want solid advice, then choose TV Financial Services because everything is under one roof. You are more than just a number to them. They haven’t seen the last of us, we’ll be back for superannuation and estate planning advice too.”