Saving money and lives, meet James, our Mortgage Specialist

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The newest member at TV Financial Services is James Durrant, who previously worked as the Branch Manager for Commonwealth Bank. “I started as a teller with the Commonwealth Bank after leaving school and was with them for seven years. It sounds like a long time, but banking offers a variety of opportunities over the years.”

James worked in more than thirty branches of the Commonwealth Bank. Having worked in so many, does it mean he’s a people person? “I probably am good at relating to people and building relationships and rapport, but I’m not a born extrovert. For many years I was a relief manager, which was very challenging as I’d be put in situations outside of my own natural comfort zone, but I enjoyed it immensely.”

James is our new Finance Specialist and will be using his skills to help those looking for residential home loans to get the best deals and provide them extraordinary service. “I have a Certificate III in Banking and a Diploma in Mortgage Broking. If you’d have asked me five years ago where my future lay, I would have said in the financial sector of Perth, but I can’t see me ever moving away from Esperance now.”

“There’s a great work/life balance and a real community feel. You are welcomed wherever you go. I feel as though I’ve struck gold moving into an area of financial work which I enjoy and being able to stay in such a beautiful place in WA. There’s nothing more satisfying than enabling people achieve their financial goals”

James had met the owner of TV Financial Services Tamara Virgo on many occasions and had admired her as a leading local business woman. “TV Financial Services is a highly regarded local business. It’s friendly and welcoming and very much client focussed.”

“Here in Esperance, there have been challenges in recent times, we’ve seen some businesses close and the town has been impacted by a slow-down in the economy. But, confidence is returning and it’s a great time to by a house with property prices relatively low.” And of course, James is a fervent believer in investing in bricks and mortar. He bought his first home when he was just 21 years old.

While his day job is in the financial sector, he can’t seem to get away from number crunching in his spare time. Eighteen months ago, he was appointed treasurer of the charity Restore Hope. “When I arrived, I joined a few groups and clubs to meet people. Restore Hope takes donated food to those people who are vulnerable. I used to deliver the food, then the charity discovered I was good with numbers and now – go figure, excuse the pun, I’m the treasurer.”

While he could save you thousands by securing the right home loan, James could possibly be there to save your life too. “I’m a St John Ambulance Officer. It’s a volunteer post which I do in my spare time, I enjoy it immensely and have learnt some awesome life skills.”

When he’s not doing any volunteering, you will find James socialising with his friends and family, enjoying the wonderful lifestyle Esperance has to offer. James is sure to strike the right note with his clients at TV Financial and stay in tune with their requirements.