Meet Tamara Virgo

Tamara Virgo.jpg

Well-known author Mark Twain once said ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life again’ and that quote rings true for Tamara Virago who head ups up TV Financial. She positively loves her job and is passionate about what she does. “I wake up every morning and look forward to what it brings. I am very much a people-person and whilst I originally wanted to be a social worker, I have found my niche in financial planning as it’s very people orientated.”

Tamara grew up in Esperance, and is part of a close-knit family. She never did get to study social work as she took a gap year, ended up in Germany for nine months and university at that time passed her by. On her return to Australia, she saw a job advertisement to work in a local bank and that’s what started her career in the finance sector. After working her way through the banking sector from teller to management “I became a Relationship Banker and I looked after a variety of clients. There was plenty of interaction with people, I used to go out on the road and meet small businesses and advise them on how to improve their financial position.”

But her career in the bank was cut short in 2009. “It was the time of the Global Financial Crisis and I was called into the office, they said that they had to let me go because of the economic climate. The bank was my crutch and I just thought, okay I need to move on and get through this.”

Tamara sourced a role to deliver short term courses at her local public education campus, but her heart wasn’t in it. She’d enjoyed her time at the bank and so decided to train to become a financial planner. In 2009 TV Financial Services was created. “I started out working from a back room in my family home, then after 11 months I moved into an office in Esperance. I now employ four people in the town and I have another two staff who provide administration back up and work remotely.”

Tamara has a holistic approach to a client’s finances, offering them a mixture of advice on investments and financial planning in order for them to achieve their ultimate life goals. “Telling people that yes, they can afford to buy their own home is extremely satisfying along with realising that people come to you because of your knowledge. I had a client who was on the verge of getting his home repossessed, he was in a very bad financial situation, but I managed to turn things around within four days and the his new financial outlook was much rosier.”

Tamara has won many accolades recently including an Esperance Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award, Best Regional Broker, Best Regional Office and Broker of Year in the Better Business Awards. Whilst she loves her work, Tamara realises everyone needs to find balance in their life and she takes time out to go walking, enjoying the beautiful scenery around her. Tamara is active with the local Rotary Club, organising guest speakers for regular events.

What's in store for the future? “I have big plans for TV Financial Services, we may be 750 km away from Perth but new technology means we can become more connected to those who need our help, and this is the way forward for us. I am living proof that you can have a great business and flourishing career in a remote coastal town.”